Health Comes First

Spring is springing around our part of the world and with that I find that there comes a shift-change, not unlike the “new year” inspired shift changes that happen every year. September and October is when I start hearing those dreaded words: Do you have your beach body yet? 


The thing is, spring marks new life and new beginnings. With it comes the hope of warmer days and the willingness to bring ourselves out of hibernation, slowly moving forward into healthier lifestyles. It sort of happens quite organically for the most part, but of course a bit of conscious intent ekes its way in too. Part of it is instinctual, no doubt. The desire to regain strength makes sense in the face of personal progression. But part of it can also be societal pressure based.

Summer is coming. If we look bad in our bathing suits the apocalypse will happen.

Yes? Yes.

But actually no.

It’s strange sometimes being in an industry where the most obvious results tend to all be about weight loss. These are the results that you see so they sort of take up all the space and they tend to be the reason people enquire about our business and what we do here at the Lifestyle Wellness Hub. But on the spectrum of wellness, skinniness isn’t synonymous with health, even though losing weight can be a bi-product of living a healthier lifestyle.

So I think my encouragement for you today is this:

Forget about your bum that is a bit bigger than you’d like it to be. Forget about your tummy that is making you feel bad about yourself. Forget about all the things that jiggle and wiggle.

Let’s rather look at your health.

Let’s look at whether or not your body is being fed what it needs to actually cope with your lifestyle.

Let’s look at your sleeping patterns.

Let’s look at your hydration levels.

Let’s look at your strength.

Let’s look at your energy levels.

Let’s look at your heart health, and the health of your other vital organs.

How are those things looking?

Because a big bum is kind of inconsequential in the face of those things. Your big bum doesn’t matter. You health does though. And that’s what we care about around here. Your strength. Your energy. Your fitness.

We don’t mind about your bum.

Active Weekend: Take the Kids to the Beach

As parents we are often so preoccupied with parenting that we forget to just let go and be kids sometimes. Allowing ourselves the luxury of being child-like is not only beneficial to our emotional wellbeing, but it can be a great thing for our physical wellbeing as well. What do we do when we go to the beach with the kids? Well…we let the kids go off and play and then we “guard all the stuff”. Mom busies herself with the stress of everyone’s sunscreen needs. Dad rushes off for a quick swim, hoping that no one notices him so that he can have a bit of peace for two minutes before he gets asked seven times by three different kids for ice cream money. *yawn* And where are the kids otherwise? They’re off on their own, spending all their energy.

You know what we should be doing? Forget about the stuff. Leave your cellphones and valuables at home so they don’t need guarding. All you need is a waterproof casing for your car keys that you can attach to your board shorts. Asks the staff at any surf shop to help you with that. And then? Then try and see if you can actually keep up with the kids instead of leaving them all to their own devices. Run up and down the beach with them if that’s what they’re doing. Or go and help them dig the biggest hole EVER. Help them jump over the waves. Play catch with them. Or baseball or cricket or frisbee. Build a sandcastle. If you want to use muscles that you didn’t even know you had, let your kids show you how. You will get the added bonus of getting to know your kids even better too!

And when you’re done? I have no doubt you will fall into an exquisite and blissful sleep.

Keeping It Inclusive

Good morning Herbalovers!

As usual, I was just having a bit of a think.

I mentioned recently that Anthony, Matt, Thando, and Vanessa were in Paris for the extravaganza. Of course they’re back now, and very excitedly sharing tales of their adventures and musing about how nice it was to be able to meet up with their Ghanaian friends who they haven’t seen in a while.

Whenever I think of these massive events that the company puts on, I must admit that I do actually get quite a tingle of pride. It’s hard not to if you’ve ever been to one. And if you haven’t been to one yet you really should make it a goal to go.

Why? Because you learn something extra important when you attend these events:

You learn that Herbalife truly is for everyone. Nothing solidifies this as much as going to an international event does.  It is very hard not to fall in love with something like that and it is undoubtedly my personal favourite thing about what it is that we do. Sometimes when you’re kind of working in your own little bubble, it’s not so obvious that there’s this beautiful inclusivity out there. Sometimes it might even look a little bit exclusive (hello tiny people with big muscles and zero body fat) but when you experience Herbalife on a big scale like one does at an extravaganza you realise that people from absolutely all walks of life are making this lifestyle work for them.

Rarely does one find themselves surrounded by such a massive collection of backgrounds, cultures, races, ages, sizes, shapes. It is such a beautiful reminder of how much representation matters.

Whoever you are, no matter your background, there is space for you here.

If you’d like more information on what we do and how we do it, feel free to contact us to set up an appointment.

Switch to Shake for a Healthy Breakfast

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How can it help you?

When trying to lose or manage your weight, it’s important to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. A shake like Formula 1  Shake Mix helps you to control your kilojoule intake whilst also providing essential vitamins and minerals, with carbohydrates and protein.

Source: MyHerbalife

Still Open for Registration: October Wave

The Lifestyle Wellness Hub is hosting Eat Clean Train Lean challenges in the wake of the incredible results experienced by some of the team members over the last six months. This is the last week to book your spot on their 8 week challenge and yes, I think you should do it. Procrastinate too much and the next thing you know it’s December and you’ll find yourself sitting around waiting for the January challenge. No, my friend. Go now. Yes?


Thando in Paris

Herbafriends, I wanted to take a moment to just honour a bit of happiness that I have been feeling over the last week. And that happiness is about our friend Thando.

Thando has been a smiling face in our Herbalife family for so many years now. Yes, that strong and graceful panther that has the heart of a lamb? Yeah. That guy. Thando.

Well, Thando is currently in Paris with Anthony, Matt, and Vanessa. There are others around too, but these four are together and doing all the touristing together. They’re staying together. Jogging together. And of course, attending the extravaganza and all the extras together. They are having the best time.

And this is where my happiness comes in. After my family (and possibly my cats) travel is hands down my absolute favourite thing. There is nothing quite like travel to grow you as a person. It teaches you. It humbles you. It challenges you. It excites you. It pushes you to the edge of your limits. Travel is life-giving. Being able to SHARE that with others is incredible. Sharing it with someone that you have loved and admired for so many years is even more incredible. I can see that my dad is in his absolute ELEMENT having his friend with him right now.

Seeing Thando out there, on his first international travel experience, safe with my family but still on that exquisite ledge leading away from his comfort zone, seriously makes my heart smile. I’m so happy for you, Thando. I’m so glad you took the plunge and decided to go with our crazies to Paris. I’m so glad that the travel bug will probably bite you now and that you will likely see yourself on many international trips in the future.

I hope this excitement sets the tone for the next phase of your Herbalife journey, and your life. Don’t tell the others but you’ve always been my favourite and watching your life wind upwards is a fantastic treat!