Let’s Talk About Strength

Some of our Herbalife family members are in Paris at the moment. That’s right. Paris. While we sit here thankful for the rain, but still a bit grumpy about being a little bit wet, they are living up their lives climbing the Eiffel Tower and visiting places that many of us have only fantasised about. Lucky fishes, right?

Here’s the thing that I love though: They’re having an absolute ball. And they have the strength to do it.

So often we get caught up in the “I need to be thinner” rhetoric that we have somehow interpreted as “truth” when in actual fact “thinness” makes only a very small contribution to our quality of lives. So let me tell you a truth: You don’t need to be thin, but you do need to be strong. And that’s why a healthy active lifestyle is so important. The physically visible attributes of a healthier lifestyle might be more obvious (believe me – as someone who has been with this company for over 20 years now I KNOW how powerful and impressive before and after photographs can be) but I do encourage you to aspire to strength first.

Because there’s nothing better than being able to carry your small child  or grandchild around on your hip without getting tired too quickly. There’s nothing better than being able to chase and play with your kids without being the first one to call it quits. Or run with your dog on the beach. Or hike up van Stadens when the proteas are in bloom. There’s nothing better than having the energy to take the stairs to the top of the Eiffel Tower instead of waiting in the queues for the lift. Or having the energy to get up early in the morning and jog through the streets of the city of love.

Strength matters. So focus on your strength.

Springtime is SKIN time!


Experts in nutrition, Herbalife brings you expert nutrition for your skin. With over 15 vitamins and botanicals our skincare is packed with daily goodness to enrich your skin.


Enhance the appearance of your skin with our unique blend of vitamin B3, antioxidant vitamins C and E, Aloe Vera and other botanical ingredients.

Herbalife SKIN is a sulphate-free* line with no added parabens** and is dermatologist tested.


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Our clinically-tested products help you achieve optimum daily results including softer, smoother, more radiant skin and a diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

* Sulphate-free applies to foaming, cleansing products: Soothing Aloe Cleanser, Polishing Citrus Cleanser and Instant Reveal Berry Scrub.
** No added parabens is not applicable to the SPF 30 Protective Moisturiser.

 Source: MyHerbalife

Active Indoors: 3 Energy Burning Places to Keep You Active While it Rains

Spring is showing signs of herself here in the Bay and thankfully it looks like this week her loudest exclamation will be that of the rain we’ve been desperately needing for such a long time. Yes, my friends, rain is forecast both here and in our catchment areas this week and nothing could make us happier.

The forecasted rainy days do mean something else though: cabin fever! And for those of us who love to use the outdoors as an energy outlet, rain that lasts for days can drive us a little stir crazy.

Fret not though, my active friends, here in the friendly city there are plenty of ways to blow off some steam without having to resort to jogging with an umbrella.

And the best part? These places are GREAT for family outings and will keep the kids entertained as well so you don’t even need to find a babysitter.

1. Valley Crag Indoor Climbing Centre

This is one of my favourite new features in the city. With only a year under their belts, The Crag is thriving. And they have recently (just in time for this weather!) opened up a brand new section of climbing walls so that there truly is space for everyone to climb their hearts out.

2. Gravity

So I’m completely aware that I am a grownup and therefore I possibly have no business jumping on trampolines like an eight year old who’s indulged in too much sugar, but what can I say: I’m a kid at heart sometimes. And yes, I make no apologies for that.

Gravity is pretty awesome though. And they totally let you jump even though you’re a grownup so it’s actually the awesomest. I reckon apart from being a GREAT way to burn energy it’s a fantastic way to shake out that colon if you’re having tummy problems because it’s very hard to do all that jumping and then not find yourself needing to go to the loo  afterwards (regularity is important, guys!)

3. Ice Skating at Baywest

While I’m quite sure that walking through malls could be considered a sport on its own, if you’re looking for something to do with the kids or you’re looking to burn a few calories yourself, then ice skating at Baywest is a pretty decent choice. The cold, for one, is makes for a good challenge – as in skate until you get warm! And don’t forget that all that balancing does wonders for your core muscles. Those long strides are great for your thighs. And honestly, that crazy happy music is great for your demeanour. All-in-all it’s a win!

Just take care, of course, and try not to let fear get the better of you. And if you’re a little nervous, ask someone who works there for a rundown on ice etiquette so that you know what’s expected of you out there.

And most importantly of all: Have fun and keep yourself active!

Don’t Let the Haters Get You Down

I don’t know about you, but even though I know better I tend to find myself perusing the comments section of news articles all the time. This is a vile habit, really. It’s a skewed reminder that the world out there can be quite awful, without the cushioning truth of the existence of good to balance it out. In other words: it’s not good for the head unless that sort of thing excites you. It does not excite me in the least.

But of course, I rarely resist. Which is why, when News24 shared a story about some ex Herbalife distributors and their plans to sue our company because they didn’t get rich with Herbalife, I found myself perusing the comments.  (more…)

Care for a challenge?

I shared with you recently about how well some of the Lifestyle Wellness Hubbers have done on the 90 Day Challenge they took part in over the last three months and the great news is that they are now running their own challenges to help clients get the same results. The next challenge starts in September so if you’re keen you might want to contact us as soon as possible.

Matt and Vanessa have started running these challenges in order to share their journey and help others achieve their own results and so far things have been going really well. I must admit these two are quite the inspired couple! Gosh they are on fire. And I might be a little biased but I am so proud of them! (you can see for yourself how awesome they are if you check out their Instagram)

If you feel like you’re ready to start the new month with a new challenge then contact Matt through his Facebook Page and let him know that you’re interested. Challenges include advice, meal plans, support, accountability, and much more.