7 Signs of Dehydration

We all know that keeping hydrated is an essential element to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it is something that a lot of folks do struggle with. While the average healthy adult should be able to rely on their thirst to ensure adequate hydration, sometimes we need a little nudge in this department. I’m going to go ahead and call “being busy” one of the leading causes of mild dehydration. This is, of course, totally understandable. But, the problem is that making a habit of neglecting your hydration levels is going to make it harder for you to keep up with that busy schedule of yours. So, best make a habit of sipping on that bottle of water!

Here are some signs that your body needs a little more water: (more…)

Exercise without exercising (Part 4)

In this series we have been chatting about how to incorporate a little bit of calorie-burning activity into your daily lifestyle without necessarily rushing off to hit it hard at the gym and today I want to bring in a little bit of family fun and togetherness. A happy family life goes a long way towards any individual’s wellbeing – wellbeing is mental as well as physical, after all.

Here are some family-oriented tips on getting that blood flowing without putting in too much effort.

Buy a Wii.

The Wii is a great alternative to traditional sit-on-the-couch gaming as you have to get up and move in order to play it. While there are Wii Fit options that are specifically geared towards exercise, just about any Wii game demands a bit of action on your part. So get a Wii. The kids will love you for it and it takes next to no effort to organize a weekly Wii marathon with your spouse and kiddies (or even just your friends!) If you’re not sure what games you want then rent a couple from your nearest video store (while we still have them!) to help you figure out what you enjoy most.

Of course, there are other gaming consoles that allow for movement as well. Choose which works best for you.

Play with the kids.

Really. Don’t just take them to the park or the beach and watch them play. Play with them. Kick around a ball or play a game of catch or simply chase them around. Not only will you burn off a couple of unwanted calories but you will also build and even stronger bond between you and your family. If you don’t have kids, then play with your nieces and nephews, or your friends’ kids. Or play with your significant other. But play. It’s good for you.

Get a dog.

Dogs need to be walked. And sometimes they make you chase them down the road when they have stolen your underwear off of the washing line. Dogs are awesome. Get a dog. Not sure about this one? Visit your local animal shelter and ask to walk some of the animals there. You’ll quickly fall in love and find the perfect fit for you. And you’ll be saving a life!

Climb a tree.

When last did you climb a tree? Do your kids know how to climb trees? Teach them! Your core will get an awesome workout just by keeping you from falling out of that tree.

Get a ping-pong table or a basketball hoop.

And then? Play with your kids some more! Ping-pong is a pretty fast paced game and shooting baskets is not only fun but it can be incredibly therapeutic if you’re doing it on your own and a lot of fun if you’re playing with others. Neither of these items takes up too much space, so no excuses!

Simple, right? Which one are you going to do today?


Why should you add Herbalife shakes to your healthy lifestyle?

Our delicious Formula 1 Shake Mix provides protein from milk and soy, essential micronutrients and added botanicals and herbs.

Key benefits

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  • Underpinned by science: Clinical studies show that daily use of meal replacement shakes as part of a calorie restricted diet is proven effective for managing weight, along with moderate exercise.**
  • Kilojoule-controlled: Approximately 920 kJ per serving when made according to directions.
  • Source of protein from dairy and soy (18 g per serving).
  • Quick to whip up, a Formula 1 Shake Mix is a convenient alternative to a high-kilojoule breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Soy protein: providing essential amino acids.
  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Available in various delicious flavours and also available: Formula 1 Free From Shake – free from lactose, soy and gluten when made according to instructions and suitable for vegetarians.

How can it help you?

When trying to lose or manage your weight, it’s important to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. A shake like Formula 1  Shake Mix helps you to control your kilojoule intake whilst also providing essential vitamins and minerals, with carbohydrates and protein.

Source: MyHerbalife

Exercise without exercising (Part 3)

The idea that exercise has to be a formal and organized routine is a killer for many folk on the road to living a well-balanced and healthy life. The rigidity that we typically assign to the idea of exercise can be so off-putting that many of us barely start before we find ourselves quitting. Luckily a small change in mind-set could be quite a difference maker when it comes to your goal of getting more active, because being active is simply about being active. Granted making some simple changes to your daily routine might not turn you into Halle Berry, adding a little activity will most certainly go a long way to maintaining a healthy weight, keeping your body a little fitter and it is also good for your stress levels.

Here are some more tricks to try:

Use a pedometer.

Some studies have shown that people who use a pedometer ten to walk 27% more. You don’t have to set yourself a crazy impossible goal to achieve, all you need to do is monitor your progress. The simple act of monitoring your progress will motivate you to walk more. You don’t have to get anything fancy- those watches can be very expensive! Something as simple as an app on your phone will work. Anything that allows you to compare today’s progress with yesterday’s.

Stretch while you watch TV.

We all love TV. We all know that we should watch less of it, but most of us don’t. So why not try to use your TV time for a bit of stretching? You could even try a couple of yoga or pilates exercises which you catch up on your favourite show.

Dance when you are out.

If you’re out with friends you might as well strut your stuff on the dance floor. Why? It’s fun. You will sweat – a lot – but it doesn’t matter because everyone else is sweating too. You will get your blood flowing. You will suffer a lesser hangover. I can’t think of any cons.

Trade your desk chair for a stability ball.

It might sound crazy but sitting on a ball is actually pretty comfortable (yes – I know this from experience!) and it does wonders for your posture and your core muscles. It also seems to cause less stress on your back and hips. And when you’re done sitting on the ball you can do a couple of v-core exercises. Just quickly. While no one is watching.

Take part in a group sport.

You don’t have to be a pro to have fun playing sport with a casual club. Take up squash or hockey or soccer. Whatever sport you like.

Go shopping.

Stroll around the mall. Malls are big. There is lots to see. Many calories to burn. Just don’t snack on ice cream while you do it. Easy peasy!

Is any of this sounding hard yet?

How Ideal is Your Breakfast?

It’s hard to know where to start sometimes when it comes to wellness. Most of us know that we aren’t doing enough for ourselves when it comes to general wellbeing, weight management, and fitness, and yet when you look at those things as a whole the entire concept can be completely daunting. Calories, hydration, cardio, weight training, scales, measurements, heart rate, blood pressure! The list goes on, and as the list gets longer, our resolve can get shorter. Then someone throws in the phrase “Lifestyle Change” and the only thing you can think about is beer and cupcakes.

So let’s look away from that big picture for just a moment and focus our attention on just a small (but important) part of that big picture:

What did you have for breakfast today?

We’ve been told our whole lives that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet we still opt to neglect it, mostly for “convenience” reasons. Breakfast time, however, is the best place to start making changes on your road to wellness and it will without a doubt be one of the most effective changes you make. This is where good quality products like Herbalife meal replacements make all the difference. Many people mistake Herbalife for a “diet company” when in fact Herbalife is a nutritional supplement company. Now you can use these supplements to lose weight, maintain your weight, optimize your sports performance or even gain weight if you want to. Feeding your body good nutrition goes hand-in-hand with all of these things and it’s an excellent place to start.

When asked the question “what did you have for breakfast today?” most people answer with “Nothing”. Sometimes you will get the odd person who had a slice of toast with some coffee, or a bit of yogurt and cereal, but the norm is that people tend to skip breakfast altogether, which kinds of sets a bad tone for the entire day. Hydrating and feeding your body properly in the morning will make such a huge difference to your overall wellbeing that it is one change that can absolutely not be neglected in the quest for better health.

This is where Herbalife meal replacements can literally change your life. If you try nothing else in your efforts for A Better Lifestyle, try this.

Herbalife has a group of three products which make for the ideal get-up-and-go breakfast. (more…)

Exercise without exercising (Part 2)

As much as we all like to think that we need to spend an hour in the gym everyday, the truth is that making an effort to up your activity in small bursts throughout the day can also prove effective. A daily trip to the gym can often feel like a massive sacrifice, and while it is one that we should gladly make, sometimes at the end of the day all you want to do is crash. Life in general, work and kids can take a serious toll on energy levels and sometimes it is harder to muster up the energy for exercise than it is to find the time to do it, especially when we leave it for the end of the day instead of getting it done in the morning. In anticipation of the times when we are likely to feel like giving the gym a skip, it makes sense to start taking a few minutes here and there throughout the day to incorporate a little activity into your daily schedule. In itself these changes might make a huge difference when it comes to sustainability, and even if you are one of those gloriously together people who manages to fit in a daily workout there is certainly no harm in adding a little extra activity to your day.

Here are some more ways to get your muscles moving and your blood pumping without hitting the gym.

Stop looking for the perfect parking spot.

You’ve heard this one a hundred times, now start doing it. Instead of parking right near the entrance of whatever building you happen to need to enter, park a block away. It’s just a block. And as you walk towards your destination, make sure you feel it in your calves and thighs. And breathe deeply because fresh air is glorious!

Take the stairs.

You’ve heard this one a hundred times too. So why do you keep getting into the elevator? Stairs are good for your bum. Good bums are good for when you go shopping for jeans. Finding a good pair of good jeans to fit your good bum is good for your soul. So take the stairs!

Touch your toes.

If you don’t have time for a full workout then do a few stretches. You can do stretches while in your office (wearing your office clothes) and you shouldn’t work up too much of a outfit-ruining sweat. Touch your toes. Stretch your legs. Stretch your neck. Stretch your arms. Practice your downward dog.

Become twitchy.

Things like toe-tapping and finger-drumming burn calories. Ok, so it might be a rather minuscule amount of calories but a tiny amount is better than none at all. Such activity also serves to regulate your body if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or overstimulated.

Stand more often.

Converting your desk to a standing work station might be pushing things a little far, but try standing whenever you have the option, like while you are on the phone or while you are in a reception area waiting to be called in for an appointment.


Breathing deeply burns calories. Breathing deeply helps to circulate blood through your body which in turn increases your metabolism. And you don’t need to go to a yoga class to breathe! Just do it while you are driving or while you are sitting at your desk.

See? Was that so hard?


Quick Tip: Always Make a Great Shake

When it comes to talking about shakes, I always make it very clear to folks that they should put a little effort into making their shakes taste good, to ensure that they continue to find their shakes enjoyable. This is incredibly important when making long-term lifestyle changes because if you aren’t enjoying your shake, it is going to be very easy to stop taking it even after you have started experiencing positive results.

I think that something psychologically positive happens when you really enjoy what you are feeding your body. I’m not talking about satisfying that crazy and unexplainable need to devour a KFC family meal all by yourself, I’m talking about that feeling you get when you fuel your body with something positive.

Have you ever eaten something healthy and sort of felt like your body might be sighing with relief? I love that feeling! That feeling motivates me. And because of this feeling, it is so important to make a bit of an effort with your shakes.

Do you have a favourite shake recipe? I’d love for you to share it!

Otherwise if you need some ideas why don’t you pop in at the Lifestyle Wellness Hub at The Crusaders in St. George’s Cricket Grounds and speak to the professionals? We’ve gotten really good at this shake lifestyle!

For more information on how to use Herbalife protein shakes as a healthy meal replacement call/whatsapp Anthony on 083 651 3980 or pop us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Exercise without exercising (Part 1)

When I was a kid there was a Ricoffey advert on television where (if you’ll forgive my gross paraphrasing) there was a woman who was making a cup of coffee while getting ready to go to the gym. Her toddler watched her as she did this, looking very sad and in need of some mommy time. The woman then takes a sip of her coffee and you can see that she has been struck with an idea. In the next scene she is on her front lawn playing with her kid and basically using him as gym equipment.

I always kind of thought that advert was great. We often joke about how ridiculous it is to drive to the gym so that we can walk on a treadmill, and yet “going to the gym” is often our sole benchmark for working out. Don’t get me wrong, the gym is great (especially when it is hot out and they have the air conditioner blowing!) but sometimes it’s kind of nice to skip the gym and do something different.

And let’s be honest for a second: some of us hate the gym. Some of us run screaming in the opposite direction at the mere mention of organized fitness. Some of us need to be active without knowing that we’re being active. Of course boycotting the gym and fitness classes won’t get you a spot on any of those bodybuilding competitions, but that doesn’t really matter if your goal is to simply live a healthier and more active lifestyle. There are ways to be active without forcing yourself to become a fitness fanatic. If you are a fitness fanatic – great! You can use these tips to shake things up a little. But if you aren’t one, that’s ok too, because being active doesn’t have to be all about spinning classes or joining a jogging group.

For today let’s just start with one suggestion. I will share some more in the next few posts to come. But for today, let’s just do one.

Go to the beach!

There is something about being at the beach (or anywhere that is naturally beautiful – a park/botanical garden/nature reserve/hiking trail/farm) that just forces you to walk around. You can’t help it! Going for a walk around your neighbourhood might not be all that appealing but take a visit to the beach and you will find yourself strolling along the water’s edge in no time. Of course, it may be best to pick up the pace to something a little more intense than a stroll (in which case you might consider climing a sand dune in order to pick up the pace) but anything higher than a sedentary rate can only be good for you. Walking not only raises your heart rate but it is great stress reliever too. Very few things clear a cluttered mind as much as a nice long walk.

They say that in order to feel grounded you should take off your shoes and let your feet touch the earth. Where better to do that than on one of our beautiful beaches?

Active Weekend: Window Shopping

It’s easy to laugh at the suggestion that “shopping” might constitute “activity” but if you’ve ever been a teenaged  girl with the ability to consume vast quantities of beauty magazines you will have noticed that this is a piece of advice that keeps cropping up as an activity alternative all over the place. Having an active weekend doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to go to the gym or that you have to force yourself through a gruelling exercise class that you have no desire to be in. Having an active weekend means just that: having an active weekend. It’s about getting off your butt and moving that perfectly capable body of yours. In other words: let’s not sit at our desks all week and then sit at our televisions all weekend. Instead, grab a friend/spouse/child/sibling and do a silly tour of the mall. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on things that you don’t need, just mill around a bit. If you’ve got a pedometer you’ll quickly realise how much ground you cover just by walking through the different stores that catch your interest. If that sounds too dull, why not make a game of it. Make a list of completely obscure (and cost effective) items and go on a treasure hunt with your friends. The last contestant to complete the list gets to buy everyone frozen yogurt (or something healthy!) and the winner gets to dance around singing “I win I win I win I win!”

Love & Advice from Elizabeth Gilbert

Dear Friends,

I was lucky enough once to come across a post written by Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of Eat, Pray, Love) and I would very much like to share it with you in a moment. Because I have grown up in a Herbalife family and because we are still so actively involved in the Herbalife community it stands to reason that the topic of what it is to be a Herbalife distributor is often on my mind. Obviously this can mean to many different things to so many different people. I have met some Herbalifers who have immediately filled me with awe, love, and respect, and I have met some who have baffled and unsettled me. I have met perfectly shaped gorgeous beauty queens (and kings) and I have met matronly folk with lumps and bumps who are big foodies like I am. Always this has kind of excited me. I think, for some people, they can look at a not-perfect person and go “how dare that person represent the brand!” (these are the people who unsettle me) but for me, I always look at it and think isn’t it wonderful that all these different people, in their different shapes and sizes, are all part of one big great company? There is no standard shape or size that allows you into the club. You don’t have to be of a certain age or race or background to belong. I LOVE that about Herbalife. It is all those different people who I have seen and met and experienced over my years of being in a Herbalife family that have made me love this company. Those people have proven to me that this product really is for everyone and that the business can work for anyone who wants it to work for them. (more…)