A healthy lifestyle starts with a shake

Our delicious Formula 1 Shake Mix provides protein from milk and soy, essential micronutrients and added botanicals and herbs.

Key benefits

  • The number 1 meal-replacement shake in the world.* Formula 1 Shake Mix have helped people all across the globe reach their weight-loss goals. Reach yours today!
  • Underpinned by science: Clinical studies show that daily use of meal replacement shakes as part of a calorie restricted diet is proven effective for managing weight, along with moderate exercise.**
  • Kilojoule-controlled: Approximately 920 kJ per serving when made according to directions.
  • Source of protein from dairy and soy (18 g per serving).
  • Quick to whip up, a Formula 1 Shake Mix is a convenient alternative to a high-kilojoule breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Soy protein: providing essential amino acids.
  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Available in various delicious flavours and also available: Formula 1 Free From Shake – free from lactose, soy and gluten when made according to instructions and suitable for vegetarians.

How can it help you?

When trying to lose or manage your weight, it’s important to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. A shake like Formula 1  Shake Mix helps you to control your kilojoule intake whilst also providing essential vitamins and minerals, with carbohydrates and protein.

Source: MyHerbalife

Recipe: Turbo Tea

One of my favourite ways to start the day is with what I have been affectionately referring to as “turbo tea”. I must admit…the name comes purely from a love of alliteration, but since one of the ingredients on the list is the Herbalife Thermojetics Concentrate, I reckon that “turbo” is a safe description.

As a coffee drinker I am the first to understand how hard it is to get out of the morning coffee habit. If nothing else, coffee drinkers like myself attach a romanticism to it, which far outweighs the energy benefits of the caffeine boost in the first place.

You wake up.

You have your coffee.

You are ready for the day.

There is a loveliness to the ritual.

I must admit that personally this was one of the hardest health changes for me to make. Not because I really “need” the coffee, but because I need the ritual.

I have, however, managed to exchange it for something else and I must admit that the change has brought with it a kind of glowing state of content. I of course have no scientific reason to give you for the change, I can only admit that I am quite enjoying my coffee replacement.

Now, the Herbalife Thermojectics Herbal Concentrate is an excellent product on its own, but after reading up on the benefits of apple cider vinegar I came up with my turbo tea.

Turbo Tea

1 mug boiling water

1 thick slice of lemon

1 serving of original Herbalife Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate powder

1 splash of organic apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon honey

I find that this drink makes a great replacement for the morning coffee ritual. The strong flavours are somehow energising and relaxing at the same time. I can’t help but feel as if I am doing my body a favour by feeding it this concoction, which is gentle on my stomach and pleasant to taste.

Do you have a favourite healthy wake-up drink?

Instant Herbal Beverage

Add more fruits and vegetables to your Herbalife shake

If you have trouble working enough fruits and vegetables into your day, adding them to your smoothies can be an easy way to boost your intake.

Fruits:  Personally I find the best way to use fruits in a smoothie is to freeze them first. Especially in the summer months when it is so hot. But of course fresh fruits are just as delicious! Aside from the typical berries or bananas, you might try mixing it up with less-typical fruits like kiwi, pomegranate seeds, guava or melon. I love adding frozen watermelon or frozen mango to my shake. And, believe it or not, our strawberry shake mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice is quite delicious.

Vegetables: These are a little trickier if you’re not used to trendy smoothies! Try things like cooked carrots, pumpkin, beets or butternut squash in small quantities. These are great smoothie boosters because they’re mildly sweet without being too obtrusive.  Baby greens – like baby spinach – are also mild in flavour and make you feel super healthy because they turn your shake green. Kale and wheatgrass as great ad-ins too if you can stomach the taste. But seriously, rather don’t put things in your shake that will make you not want to drink it. It’s not worth having to fight with your mind about whether or not kale tastes a little bit like blood. Rather stick to the things that make you happy to have your shake!

Active Indoors: 3 Energy Burning Places to Keep You Active While it Rains

Spring is showing signs of herself here in the Bay and thankfully it looks like this week her loudest exclamation will be that of the rain we’ve been desperately needing for such a long time. Yes, my friends, rain is forecast both here and in our catchment areas this week and nothing could make us happier.

The forecasted rainy days do mean something else though: cabin fever! And for those of us who love to use the outdoors as an energy outlet, rain that lasts for days can drive us a little stir crazy.

Fret not though, my active friends, here in the friendly city there are plenty of ways to blow off some steam without having to resort to jogging with an umbrella.

And the best part? These places are GREAT for family outings and will keep the kids entertained as well so you don’t even need to find a babysitter.

1. Valley Crag Indoor Climbing Centre

This is one of my favourite new features in the city. With only a year under their belts, The Crag is thriving. And they have recently (just in time for this weather!) opened up a brand new section of climbing walls so that there truly is space for everyone to climb their hearts out.

2. Gravity

So I’m completely aware that I am a grownup and therefore I possibly have no business jumping on trampolines like an eight year old who’s indulged in too much sugar, but what can I say: I’m a kid at heart sometimes. And yes, I make no apologies for that.

Gravity is pretty awesome though. And they totally let you jump even though you’re a grownup so it’s actually the awesomest. I reckon apart from being a GREAT way to burn energy it’s a fantastic way to shake out that colon if you’re having tummy problems because it’s very hard to do all that jumping and then not find yourself needing to go to the loo  afterwards (regularity is important, guys!)

3. Ice Skating at Baywest

While I’m quite sure that walking through malls could be considered a sport on its own, if you’re looking for something to do with the kids or you’re looking to burn a few calories yourself, then ice skating at Baywest is a pretty decent choice. The cold, for one, is makes for a good challenge – as in skate until you get warm! And don’t forget that all that balancing does wonders for your core muscles. Those long strides are great for your thighs. And honestly, that crazy happy music is great for your demeanour. All-in-all it’s a win!

Just take care, of course, and try not to let fear get the better of you. And if you’re a little nervous, ask someone who works there for a rundown on ice etiquette so that you know what’s expected of you out there.

And most importantly of all: Have fun and keep yourself active!

Add more Calories to your Herbalife Shake


If you have high calorie needs or are trying to gain weight, high-calorie extras in your smoothie can really help.  The trick is to add healthy nutrition along with the calorie boost. So maybe let’s not add ice cream or maple syrup or anything like that, ok?

Rolled oats – a scoop of quick-cooking rolled oats can add 100 calories or more, along with soluble fibre and a little extra protein, too.

Avocado and nut butters  add half of an avocado or a heaping spoonful of nut butter to your shake and you can boost the calories by 100 or more. Peanut butter is an option too but try to stick with the salt and sugar free versions (Woolies makes a great one, just fyi)

Dried Fruits or 100% Juices – because their calories are so concentrated, fruit juices and dried fruits are discouraged for those who are trying to lose weight, but that’s precisely why they make such a great add-in for those who are trying to gain. Try 100% orange, carrot or pineapple juice, or toss in a handful of dried apricots, peaches, cherries, dates or raisins.

Nut Powder – Use a food processor (Nutribullet is champion for this task) and make yourself some nut powder. Mix a bunch of nuts and seeds of your choice (pumpkin, linseed, sesame seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds) and then blend them into a powder. Keep the powder in your fridge and add them to your shake as needed. Drink up quick! (you don’t want that powder to go slimy!)

Winter Water Intake Tip: Drink It Warm

I had a silly thing happen to me last month while I was on a plane heading for Phuket with my husband to celebrate his 40th birthday. You see, I struggle with water retention on planes, and try as I might, I can’t win with this one. I do try though. And part of that “trying” consists of me carrying around a big water bottle and drinking as much water as possible. Now you’re not allowed onto a plane with water, so I take my own empty bottle with me.

Anyway, when she came around with the drinks, I asked the stewardess if she would mind filling my bottle with water for me. Even though she had a big bottle of water in front of her she said she’d have to fill it in the kitchen which I thought was odd, but I thanked her and off she went with my bottle.

Well, I can only conclude that she had assumed that my bottle was a thermos because when she returned it was filled with boiling water. Of course, I was way too polite to point out the mistake, and only giggled with my husband about my strange acquisition after she had left.

I drank it though. And I realised something: The “warmness” of the water contributed to me consuming the entire 700-odd mls very quickly. It was almost as if subconsciously I was of the belief that hot water should be consumed quickly before it gets cold. Strangely I even found myself enjoying it.

And that leads me to my point. As the wind howls outside and the morning sun does little to warm the cold days of winter, perhaps the best way to keep that water intake up is by drinking our water hot instead of cold. A slice of lemon, a dash of cinnamon or a slice of ginger, and perhaps even a teaspoon tip of coconut oil in a large coffee mug filled with hot water? Not the worst way to keep hydrated by a long shot. And if you have a bit of NRG or Herbal Concentrate to throw in there? Even better!

You’ll quickly see how you automatically reach for that mug as you go about your day. And what a bonus to be made warm and hydrated at the same time during these chilly weeks ahead.

Have a great week, folks!

Add more healthy fats to your Herbalife shake

Adding fat to your smoothie will, of course, add some calories.  But healthy fats offer up more than that – you can also pick up some vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and fibre along the way.

Seeds  like flax, hemp, chia or sunflower seeds add a bit of texture to your smoothie, and give a little boost of minerals (especially copper and zinc) and omega-3 fatty acids.

Nut butters  such as almond, walnut or pistachio, also contribute zinc and copper, along with some protein and fibre, too.

Avocado adds a silky-smooth add-in to smoothies, and provides the same healthy fats found in olive oil along with some vitamin E.

Recipe: Orange Thermo

I do believe that it is very important to make sure that you never get bored of the products we use to keep us healthy so I’m always looking for new ways to spice things up a little. Usually I drink my thermo plain, which is great, but because it’s citrus season here in the Eastern Cape I’ve been adding orange slices to my usual multiple cups of thermo tea. It’s amazing what something as simple as a slice of orange (yes – orange!) can do to subtly change the flavour of this already refreshing drink. Try it. And then tell me if you think it’s yummy!

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