Exercise without exercising (Part 1)

When I was a kid there was a Ricoffey advert on television where (if you’ll forgive my gross paraphrasing) there was a woman who was making a cup of coffee while getting ready to go to the gym. Her toddler watched her as she did this, looking very sad and in need of some mommy time. The woman then takes a sip of her coffee and you can see that she has been struck with an idea. In the next scene she is on her front lawn playing with her kid and basically using him as gym equipment.

I always kind of thought that advert was great. We often joke about how ridiculous it is to drive to the gym so that we can walk on a treadmill, and yet “going to the gym” is often our sole benchmark for working out. Don’t get me wrong, the gym is great (especially when it is hot out and they have the air conditioner blowing!) but sometimes it’s kind of nice to skip the gym and do something different.

And let’s be honest for a second: some of us hate the gym. Some of us run screaming in the opposite direction at the mere mention of organized fitness. Some of us need to be active without knowing that we’re being active. Of course boycotting the gym and fitness classes won’t get you a spot on any of those bodybuilding competitions, but that doesn’t really matter if your goal is to simply live a healthier and more active lifestyle. There are ways to be active without forcing yourself to become a fitness fanatic. If you are a fitness fanatic – great! You can use these tips to shake things up a little. But if you aren’t one, that’s ok too, because being active doesn’t have to be all about spinning classes or joining a jogging group.

For today let’s just start with one suggestion. I will share some more in the next few posts to come. But for today, let’s just do one.

Go to the beach!

There is something about being at the beach (or anywhere that is naturally beautiful – a park/botanical garden/nature reserve/hiking trail/farm) that just forces you to walk around. You can’t help it! Going for a walk around your neighbourhood might not be all that appealing but take a visit to the beach and you will find yourself strolling along the water’s edge in no time. Of course, it may be best to pick up the pace to something a little more intense than a stroll (in which case you might consider climing a sand dune in order to pick up the pace) but anything higher than a sedentary rate can only be good for you. Walking not only raises your heart rate but it is great stress reliever too. Very few things clear a cluttered mind as much as a nice long walk.

They say that in order to feel grounded you should take off your shoes and let your feet touch the earth. Where better to do that than on one of our beautiful beaches?

New: Cappuccino Shake Flavour

So we have GREAT NEWS for all the coffee lovers around here: It turns out that the absolutely delightful cappuccino flavoured Formula 1 Shake is FINALLY available in South Africa.

My family has been a tiny bit addicted to this particular flavour for a while now. As you may know, not all products are available in all Herbalife countries, and this coffee-scented delight has been the one at the top of our I-Hope-This-Comes-To-SA-Next list for quite some time. The excitement is high!

We’ve been grabbing a tin or two every time we find ourselves in a Cappuccino Shake country for years now. When Anthony and Matt were doing work in Ghana I think they might have been disowned had they not brought these babies home with them each time they came back for visit!

So, don’t delay. Get in touch with your favourite Herbalifer today and insist that you get your hands on a New Cappuccino Formula 1 Shake.

It will just give you another excuse to start your day right!

Herbalife Whispers

I was at an event at The Grand Hotel over this last weekend and I decided to sit in the quiet reception area and wait for the rest of my party to arrive before getting lost in the throngs of people at the registration desk. While I was sitting there just quietly taking a breath, I couldn’t help but overhear two women opposite me whispering to each other. What were they whispering? Well, they were talking to each other about the Herbalife meal bars, and how convenient they found them to be.

Now honestly these women must have thought I was a bit mad (maybe that’s why they got up and left after a while?) but every now and then I’d glance up from my obvious eavesdropping and smile as if I knew them. Of course, I didn’t know them, but I did know their feelings.


The thing is, I know full well how important convenience is when it comes to self care. Basically they were saying “I’m not very good at looking after myself well, but I’m doing this thing and it’s a step in the right direction”. Why did I know that’s what they meant? Because I recognise the feeling all too well. I’m sure many of us do. In the midst of the chaos of life, sometimes doing something ass simple as feeding yourself something good can make all the difference.

Perhaps I should have butted in on their moment with my own tales of saving convenience. Maybe I should have piped up and let them know that I too am terrible when it comes to skipping meals. I didn’t though. They obviously already have someone in their life looking after their Herbalife needs. They hardly need my input.

So instead of butting in I just revelled in the glorious fortune of overhearing the whispered relief of two fellow Herbalife consumers, and took a moment to once again be grateful to be part of this incredible company.

What if you hadn’t said yes?

There’s a thought plaguing me a bit today. Here we are at the end of the year and it’s going to be a busy couple of months for our little Herbalife family. Next month there’s the annual Herbalife extravaganza in Johannesburg, and of course that’s a huge deal and a whole bunch of our local team will be making their way there to learn from and be inspired by the best that this company has to offer. In November, my family (mom, dad, brother) will be jetting off to  Lisbon for the President’s Summit where they will learn and be inspired even further.

That’s quite a bit of adventure ahead, isn’t it? I mean, come on: Lisbon! If my thousands of online travel friends are to be believed, Lisbon is one of the most underrated cities in the world. In fact, in the wanderlusters community it is regarded as one of the best cities to visit.

And my family is going there just by the way. No big deal. It’s just par-for-the-course around here these days.

Which leads me to my plaguing thought: What if my dad had said no…

Imagine it! Imagine my dad had left his meeting with Rob Green and never given Herbalife a second thought. Imagine if he had handed the products over to my mom, and not taken her seriously when she told him that they had made her feel quite incredible and that her energy levels were up for the first time in years. Imagine if they had just shrugged it all off and moved on.

Just imagine.

There’d be no fantastic travel tales to share around family braais. There would be no fulfilling days of helping people improve their lives in uncountable ways. There would be no exceptional health benefits. There would be no financial freedom.

So I do imagine sometimes that he had said no. And it makes me ever so grateful that he said yes. Because every day I am reminded that we have a really good life and a whole lot of the credit for that life goes to this incredible company that makes exceptional lives a reality for so many people.

So thank goodness he said yes.

Quick Tip: Always Make a Great Shake

When it comes to talking about shakes, I always make it very clear to folks that they should put a little effort into making their shakes taste good, to ensure that they continue to find their shakes enjoyable. This is incredibly important when making long-term lifestyle changes because if you aren’t enjoying your shake, it is going to be very easy to stop taking it even after you have started experiencing positive results.

I think that something psychologically positive happens when you really enjoy what you are feeding your body. I’m not talking about satisfying that crazy and unexplainable need to devour a KFC family meal all by yourself, I’m talking about that feeling you get when you fuel your body with something positive.

Have you ever eaten something healthy and sort of felt like your body might be sighing with relief? I love that feeling! That feeling motivates me. And because of this feeling, it is so important to make a bit of an effort with your shakes.

Do you have a favourite shake recipe? I’d love for you to share it!

Otherwise if you need some ideas why don’t you pop in at the Lifestyle Wellness Hub at The Crusaders in St. George’s Cricket Grounds and speak to the professionals? We’ve gotten really good at this shake lifestyle!

For more information on how to use Herbalife protein shakes as a healthy meal replacement call/whatsapp Anthony on 083 651 3980 or pop us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Active Weekend: Pokemon Go

So yes, the hectic Pokemon Go craze has come and gone and the hype surrounding this little game has died down significantly. The benefits of playing the game, however, have not. When this game cam out I must admit that it was easy to get addicted to all the feel-good stories surrounding its launch. So many people came forward to confess that the game had gotten them out of the house because the geo-location aspects mean that sitting on your couch is not really an option if you want to progress at all. If you haven’t tried the game yet: do. Even if it’s just for a weekend. You see, it makes you walk. Ad it makes you walk a LOT. I remember hearing how so many people had actually started losing weight because of this little game, and all because they were hunting little critters.

In Port Elizabeth, the best places to play the game are at The Donkin Reserve and at The Boardwalk as these two places mean that you can walk around a lot but also accomplish a lot in the game at the same time.

I won’t lie, the game is addictive, but it’s a sort of silly fun addictive that will most likely wear off at some point. Just have fun with it while it lasts.

And the best part? You can play it as a family and have a lot of fun doing it. All without ever feeing like you’re in the middle of the gruelling task of “exercising”.