Be Healthy, Be Safe, Be Kind

As the last day of our Level 5 Lockdown starts I have one recurring thought: Never has keeping healthy been so important. I keep saying this to myself over and over. I imagine it is because when faced with such an invisible enemy it is perhaps helpful to instead look to the things that we can control, lest we become overwhelmed by those things that we cannot control.

So what can I control?

I can control my adherence to the laws set out by our officials. Even though some of the rules may not make sense, and they feel unnecessarily restrictive and “unfair”, it may be best for our own peace of mind to give the benefit of the doubt here. Our safety is of utmost importance here and these restrictions are there to protect us. So wear those masks. Stay inside as much as possible. And keep washing those hands!

Another thing I can control is the choices I make regarding my health. Yes, keep eating as well and as healthily as possible. Yes, keep up your movement as much as you can. Challenge yourself to get creative with these restrictions! The healthier you are the more likely you will be able to fight this virus.

And lastly, I can control my behaviour towards others. I can choose to be kind always. As we all go through this together we can keep in mind that some might be struggling more than others. From the parents struggling to homeschool children while they keep up with their work from home, to the individuals with underlying health conditions who are currently fearing for their lives, to the folks who have had a dramatic decrease in their income, to the children who are missing their friends. We’re all in need of a little extra kindness at the moment, and kindness begets kindness.

I truly hope that you and your loved ones are all safe and coping. I hope that you continue to find silver linings in this very dark cloud. And I hope that we will all see each other again soon.

Be well, my friends. Always.

A Bit About Mental Health

On Saturday and Sunday I watched the 8+ hour Together At Home special put together by Lady Gaga and whoever else (my apologies for being fuzzy on the details) and I’m so glad I did because of one particular reason.

There was a mental health expert who spoke for a few minutes and what she had to say put me at ease.

Forgive my paraphrasing. I’m speaking here from memory (and elaborating with personal experience). I can’t go and find her in the 8 hour video, unfortunately. A Google search hasn’t helped me either. But I’m going to do my best to get the message across.

If you’re like me and you’re struggling a little, please remember that this is completely normal, no matter what your circumstances are. Also, the doctor mentioned that people with pre-existing anxiety conditions may be struggling a little more. Don’t be like me and assume “oh I’m so used to anxiety I should be fine”. This is a new anxiety. It’s ok to be a bit off tilt!

She mentioned three things that I think we all kind of “know” are important, but sometimes just need to be reminded of, and I was grateful to be reminded so I’m sharing these with you.

Meditation: I think meditation means a lot of different things for different people. For some it’s reading the bible or other religious texts. For some it is prayer. For some it is a quiet moment to clear thoughts. For some gentle music. Whatever your meditation preference, it’s important to take it a little more seriously than usual during this time. Meditation goes a long way toward mental health.

Movement: Depression and anxiety make this one difficult I know. On a very personal level I know!! But try to keep moving as much as possible. Even if it’s a ten minute yoga video from YouTube. Or sweep the whole house (you’ll feel great for the accomplishment). Don’t make the mistake of doing no movement at all just because you feel that the little you are capable of “doesn’t count”. It counts. Move.

Gratitude: There are so many things to be grateful for, always. And this is something that is mentioned consistently when it comes to mental health, self awareness, and self improvement. What are you grateful for today? Think of just one thing. Then think of another. Write them down.

Most importantly: If you are struggling please speak to a health practitioner. If you’ve been hesitating about reaching out, consider this your sign. It’s ok to struggle. It’s ok to ask for help. In fact, it’s necessary.

Stay safe, my friends! We are in this together!

It’s ok if you’re not coping…

We’re about to finish our second week of isolation. Can you believe it?

There has been an element of “fun” to this lockdown. It’s been fun seeing how folks keep themselves busy. It’s been fun seeing what they’re doing with their kids. It’s been fun seeing the arts and crafts. The family time. It’s been fun seeing all the baking and the fancy meals. It’s been fun having a giggle at folks going for a jog around the living room.

It helps to make this situation a little lighter.

To those people doing all those things: I have all the respect in the world for you. What you’re doing is amazing.

Personally, I am less amazing.

I can’t quite get a handle on my anxiety and it’s causing what is beginning to feel like an insurmountable lethargy.

I can beat myself up about it or I can just breathe through it.

And I think this is something we need to keep reminding each other. There is no wrong way to do this lockdown. There is no wrong way to deal with what you’re feeling. You don’t have to be the most productive you have ever been just because you “have the time now”.

It’s ok.

It’s ok to not be ok.

Feed yourself well. Rest well. Try to add some movement to your day. Lose yourself in unproductive distractions if that is what feels good to you right now. You will settle into better things eventually.

It’s ok to not be doing what everyone else seems to be doing.

Still Delivering Shakes

Guys: we need to thank all the deities that Herbalife has been considered essential BECAUSE GUESS WHAT I DID!

So, My whole family has been having shake for breakfast since the 90s, and of course my new married-with-kids family is the same. But I forgot to order shakes and just before lockdown we RAN OUT!

So the day before lockdown my husband and I went shopping to get ready for the first couple of days because we wanted to be able to stay put for as long as possible before venturing out again.

And what did we need to buy: breakfast. It was a devastating experience!

What do people eat for breakfast, really? Because I have asked that question out loud often, and I have thought of it, but before lockdown I had to take that question VERY seriously.


Sure, bacon and eggs, or whatever. But that’s so much work. Toast? So early in the morning? Cereal.

Ok so we bought cereal. It’s bland and basic and doesn’t require the stove.

Guys: I LOVE cereal. But Herbalife has made me lazy. All that chewing? All that meh-ness? Cereal is for when you’re bored and need a snack. I’m not bored in the morning. In the morning I’m going. I’m doing what needs to be done.

Sit down and have cereal? It’s irrational I know but it made me so grumpy!

Thankfully our order arrived the day before lockdown started and my beloved shake habits were returned to me. I didn’t realise quite how much I was dependent on that little habit of ours.

It truly does make our lives so much easier!

Happy 2020!

New Year always seems to get a bad rep on Social Media. All those eye-rolling memes and gifs expressing mirth at the idea that resolutions will be made and broken by the weak and we should all just get on board and admit that the whole thing is stupid.

I refuse.

I love the new year and the hope and the feeling of fresh beginnings that comes with it. And I know a lot of other folks do too!

So I propose we laugh at memes because they are funny, but at the same time we are quite right to take our own goals and aspirations seriously.

Its a new week, a new month, a new year, a new decade! What a gift! And the best part is that each of us gets to decide what to do with it.

What are you doing with yours?

Spring Springing

To all the Herbalovers and the Herbacurious out there:

The calendar says that it is finally SPRING! Now I admit that our temperate Port Elizabethan climate means that the spectacularity of spring can sometimes be lost to us, but I have noticed that a couple of our trees are blooming already and though we’ve barely had a winter, it seems that warmer days are definitely on their way.

Now, like New Year’s, the start of spring tends to make a chance for new beginnings for many of our wayward selves. September first marks a chance to make better choices and take renewed action when it comes to your health and wellness.

Is it silly? Well of course it is. September first is no more magical than January first. Or Mondays for that matter. But we do like these little markers for new beginnings and so I just wanted to wish you all, and myself, loads of luck with any renewed commitments to your quality of life.


Email us for more information on how to join us on one of our Spring Eat Clean Train Lean Challenges.


Baby, it’s Bananas!

That’s right folks, the latest shake flavour to hit our shores sounds pretty freaking amazing, doesn’t it? Banana cream! And the best part? It’s vegan!

Personally I am a lover of all things banana and already I have been toying with flavour ideas. For one….Lancewood makes this yogurt with desiccated coconut in it. Imagine a banana coconut yogurt shake? YUM! Or a banana shake with frozen pineapples in it (pineapple is SO GOOD for pesky problems like water retention so I reckon it’s always good to add pineapple) or just banana shake with bananas! Or peanut butter!!

The options are endless.

Have you tried it yet?


Hi Folks!

November is upon us and I cannot help but notice that this is the time of year when many of us can’t help but fall into a massive slump. With Christmas holidays just around the corner we can’t help but feel like all we are doing is going through the motions just so that we can get to the part of the year where the beers start flowing freely and those gatherings around the braai become a daily occurrence.

With this in mind, I can’t help but wonder if this  last-stretch sluggishness is not best dealt with by starting something completely different. Instead of giving up on healthy habits until the new year, why not start a new health plan today? Perhaps your soul might benefit from starting a yoga class, or a zumba class. Giving yourself something new to do at this notoriously blegh time of year can only do you good!

The alternative? You can give yourself over to six weeks of slog and effectively waste 42 precious days of your life.

So I challenge you: why not try something new instead?*

Happy November, folks!


*To find out about our 5 Day Health Challenges or to learn about how our Fit Club system works, call Anthony on 083 651 3980

Health Comes First

Spring is springing around our part of the world and with that I find that there comes a shift-change, not unlike the “new year” inspired shift changes that happen every year. September and October is when I start hearing those dreaded words: Do you have your beach body yet? 


The thing is, spring marks new life and new beginnings. With it comes the hope of warmer days and the willingness to bring ourselves out of hibernation, slowly moving forward into healthier lifestyles. It sort of happens quite organically for the most part, but of course a bit of conscious intent ekes its way in too. Part of it is instinctual, no doubt. The desire to regain strength makes sense in the face of personal progression. But part of it can also be societal pressure based.

Summer is coming. If we look bad in our bathing suits the apocalypse will happen.

Yes? Yes.

But actually no.

It’s strange sometimes being in an industry where the most obvious results tend to all be about weight loss. These are the results that you see so they sort of take up all the space and they tend to be the reason people enquire about our business and what we do here at the Lifestyle Wellness Hub. But on the spectrum of wellness, skinniness isn’t synonymous with health, even though losing weight can be a bi-product of living a healthier lifestyle.

So I think my encouragement for you today is this:

Forget about your bum that is a bit bigger than you’d like it to be. Forget about your tummy that is making you feel bad about yourself. Forget about all the things that jiggle and wiggle.

Let’s rather look at your health.

Let’s look at whether or not your body is being fed what it needs to actually cope with your lifestyle.

Let’s look at your sleeping patterns.

Let’s look at your hydration levels.

Let’s look at your strength.

Let’s look at your energy levels.

Let’s look at your heart health, and the health of your other vital organs.

How are those things looking?

Because a big bum is kind of inconsequential in the face of those things. Your big bum doesn’t matter. You health does though. And that’s what we care about around here. Your strength. Your energy. Your fitness.

We don’t mind about your bum.

Still Open for Registration: October Wave

The Lifestyle Wellness Hub is hosting Eat Clean Train Lean challenges in the wake of the incredible results experienced by some of the team members over the last six months. This is the last week to book your spot on their 8 week challenge and yes, I think you should do it. Procrastinate too much and the next thing you know it’s December and you’ll find yourself sitting around waiting for the January challenge. No, my friend. Go now. Yes?