7 Signs of Dehydration

We all know that keeping hydrated is an essential element to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it is something that a lot of folks do struggle with. While the average healthy adult should be able to rely on their thirst to ensure adequate hydration, sometimes we need a little nudge in this department. I’m going to go ahead and call “being busy” one of the leading causes of mild dehydration. This is, of course, totally understandable. But, the problem is that making a habit of neglecting your hydration levels is going to make it harder for you to keep up with that busy schedule of yours. So, best make a habit of sipping on that bottle of water!

Here are some signs that your body needs a little more water:

  1. Bad Breath

Being dehydrated leads to less saliva production, which in turn may lead to bad breath. The anti-bacterial properties of saliva may keep those breath issues under control. Instead of reaching for the gum, try reaching for some water.

2. Headaches

Instead of reaching for a painkiller, first reach for a glass of water.

3. Irritability

Yes, sometimes the people we’re hanging around are maddening. But sometimes, they’re less maddening when we’re properly taking care of ourselves.

4. Infrequent urination/dark-coloured urine

You should be eliminating waste regularly, and it should be pale in colour.

5. Fatigue

Ready to nap but it’s only mid-morning? Have some water. You might have overdone it at the gym!

6. Muscle cramps

While tender muscles are to be expected from regular exercise, cramping should not be excessively painful. Have some more water!

7. Lack of sweat

You should be sweating. Sweating is the body’s way of cooling down when needed. If you’re not sweating and you should be, have some water.

Maintaining the optimum hydration levels for good health can be a juggle sometimes, but drinking more water is a relatively simple habit to add to your routine. Serious dehydration can, however, cause serious health issues, and it is best to seek medical help if symptoms persist.

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