Exercise without exercising (Part 2)

As much as we all like to think that we need to spend an hour in the gym everyday, the truth is that making an effort to up your activity in small bursts throughout the day can also prove effective. A daily trip to the gym can often feel like a massive sacrifice, and while it is one that we should gladly make, sometimes at the end of the day all you want to do is crash. Life in general, work and kids can take a serious toll on energy levels and sometimes it is harder to muster up the energy for exercise than it is to find the time to do it, especially when we leave it for the end of the day instead of getting it done in the morning. In anticipation of the times when we are likely to feel like giving the gym a skip, it makes sense to start taking a few minutes here and there throughout the day to incorporate a little activity into your daily schedule. In itself these changes might make a huge difference when it comes to sustainability, and even if you are one of those gloriously together people who manages to fit in a daily workout there is certainly no harm in adding a little extra activity to your day.

Here are some more ways to get your muscles moving and your blood pumping without hitting the gym.

Stop looking for the perfect parking spot.

You’ve heard this one a hundred times, now start doing it. Instead of parking right near the entrance of whatever building you happen to need to enter, park a block away. It’s just a block. And as you walk towards your destination, make sure you feel it in your calves and thighs. And breathe deeply because fresh air is glorious!

Take the stairs.

You’ve heard this one a hundred times too. So why do you keep getting into the elevator? Stairs are good for your bum. Good bums are good for when you go shopping for jeans. Finding a good pair of good jeans to fit your good bum is good for your soul. So take the stairs!

Touch your toes.

If you don’t have time for a full workout then do a few stretches. You can do stretches while in your office (wearing your office clothes) and you shouldn’t work up too much of a outfit-ruining sweat. Touch your toes. Stretch your legs. Stretch your neck. Stretch your arms. Practice your downward dog.

Become twitchy.

Things like toe-tapping and finger-drumming burn calories. Ok, so it might be a rather minuscule amount of calories but a tiny amount is better than none at all. Such activity also serves to regulate your body if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or overstimulated.

Stand more often.

Converting your desk to a standing work station might be pushing things a little far, but try standing whenever you have the option, like while you are on the phone or while you are in a reception area waiting to be called in for an appointment.


Breathing deeply burns calories. Breathing deeply helps to circulate blood through your body which in turn increases your metabolism. And you don’t need to go to a yoga class to breathe! Just do it while you are driving or while you are sitting at your desk.

See? Was that so hard?


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