Accountable Couples Cope Better

Do you know what one of the hardest things to do it? It’s hard being the only one in the house who is trying to eat better.

Let’s say, for example, that I have decided that I should start eating better, but the rest of my family is planning to carry on as normal. Now it’s burger day in the house. Don’t worry I’ll just eat the healthy parts of the meal. 


Come suppertime and here you go honey, here’s your burger patty and lettuce garnish.

Just no.

Why? Because a healthy meal for the whole family is a lot more appealing than making do with the scraps from a less-than-healthy meal.

A beautiful stew with loads of protein and veggies served with some brown basmati rice is a MUCH more appealing meal than “burger patty of sadness”.

Or how about a giant grilled chicken salad with colourful veggies and a lovely (healthy) dressing?

A brothy soup packed with goodness?

Grilled fish and roasted veg?

A meal designed to be healthy will always be far more satisfying than picking out the “ok” bits from an unhealthy meal. And that’s why I think that healthy living is kind of a team effort. When you go in it together, it’s more likely to last.

So try doing it together. Have a conversation with your partner about your health goals so that you can come to a mutual agreement about how you would like to proceed, together. And if you need a little help getting that Healthy Active Lifestyle activated, give us a shout and we’ll show you how our 5 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge works.

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