Thando in Paris

Herbafriends, I wanted to take a moment to just honour a bit of happiness that I have been feeling over the last week. And that happiness is about our friend Thando.

Thando has been a smiling face in our Herbalife family for so many years now. Yes, that strong and graceful panther that has the heart of a lamb? Yeah. That guy. Thando.

Well, Thando is currently in Paris with Anthony, Matt, and Vanessa. There are others around too, but these four are together and doing all the touristing together. They’re staying together. Jogging together. And of course, attending the extravaganza and all the extras together. They are having the best time.

And this is where my happiness comes in. After my family (and possibly my cats) travel is hands down my absolute favourite thing. There is nothing quite like travel to grow you as a person. It teaches you. It humbles you. It challenges you. It excites you. It pushes you to the edge of your limits. Travel is life-giving. Being able to SHARE that with others is incredible. Sharing it with someone that you have loved and admired for so many years is even more incredible. I can see that my dad is in his absolute ELEMENT having his friend with him right now.

Seeing Thando out there, on his first international travel experience, safe with my family but still on that exquisite ledge leading away from his comfort zone, seriously makes my heart smile. I’m so happy for you, Thando. I’m so glad you took the plunge and decided to go with our crazies to Paris. I’m so glad that the travel bug will probably bite you now and that you will likely see yourself on many international trips in the future.

I hope this excitement sets the tone for the next phase of your Herbalife journey, and your life. Don’t tell the others but you’ve always been my favourite and watching your life wind upwards is a fantastic treat!

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  1. It certainly has brought me great joy watching Thando’s mind boggling with all that he is seeing and experiencing. It has been such a pleasure having him as a travel buddy.

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