Let’s Talk About Strength

Some of our Herbalife family members are in Paris at the moment. That’s right. Paris. While we sit here thankful for the rain, but still a bit grumpy about being a little bit wet, they are living up their lives climbing the Eiffel Tower and visiting places that many of us have only fantasised about. Lucky fishes, right?

Here’s the thing that I love though: They’re having an absolute ball. And they have the strength to do it.

So often we get caught up in the “I need to be thinner” rhetoric that we have somehow interpreted as “truth” when in actual fact “thinness” makes only a very small contribution to our quality of lives. So let me tell you a truth: You don’t need to be thin, but you do need to be strong. And that’s why a healthy active lifestyle is so important. The physically visible attributes of a healthier lifestyle might be more obvious (believe me – as someone who has been with this company for over 20 years now I KNOW how powerful and impressive before and after photographs can be) but I do encourage you to aspire to strength first.

Because there’s nothing better than being able to carry your small child  or grandchild around on your hip without getting tired too quickly. There’s nothing better than being able to chase and play with your kids without being the first one to call it quits. Or run with your dog on the beach. Or hike up van Stadens when the proteas are in bloom. There’s nothing better than having the energy to take the stairs to the top of the Eiffel Tower instead of waiting in the queues for the lift. Or having the energy to get up early in the morning and jog through the streets of the city of love.

Strength matters. So focus on your strength.

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