Don’t Let the Haters Get You Down

I don’t know about you, but even though I know better I tend to find myself perusing the comments section of news articles all the time. This is a vile habit, really. It’s a skewed reminder that the world out there can be quite awful, without the cushioning truth of the existence of good to balance it out. In other words: it’s not good for the head unless that sort of thing excites you. It does not excite me in the least.

But of course, I rarely resist. Which is why, when News24 shared a story about some ex Herbalife distributors and their plans to sue our company because they didn’t get rich with Herbalife, I found myself perusing the comments. 

My goodness there is a lot of hate out there! Now, of course, I have been involved in this company both directly and indirectly for over 20 years now. I know what the heart of this company is. I know what the intention behind it is. I know a lot. I know the hard parts and I know the parts that make the hard parts worth it.

What I also know that a little bit of ignorance goes a LONG way and that when you’re working with a company that offers the kind of earning potential that we do, people who don’t quite succeed can get ugly about it. And when they get ugly it can be alarming.

So today I’m just here to remind you to breathe. Their story is not your story. Just because you’ve got someone loudly shouting the words “Pyramid Scheme” doesn’t mean they actually have three cents worth of knowledge about our company. And they certainly have no knowledge of the value of Multi-Level Marketing. Because you know what? You can make anything sound funny/dodgy/stupid if you put in a little effort and add an obnoxious tone.

As for the folks who didn’t succeed in their Herbalife businesses? Well, not every vocation is going to work for every person. To expect so would be utter madness. Personally I am aware of what it takes to thrive in this industry, and guess what: not everyone has what it takes. And that’s ok!

Herbalife is hard work. Because you are in the people industry. That means you are dealing with people all the time, and sometimes (oftentimes!) they come to you at their most fragile. You become a life coach, a therapist, a cheerleader, a heart healer, and a million other things on top of your “job” as a wellness coach. So often you simply become a friend to whom people turn in a time of need. And that’s not something that everyone can handle. You’d be surprised at the variety of people who DO handle it though. That alone is motivation enough to try.

So when people decide to do things like sue (or simply badmouth) our company because it didn’t work for them, I have taken to feeling for them rather than resenting them. Perhaps they are a little disappointed. Their expectations and the reality of the cost of success didn’t meet up. And that kind of sucks a little, I suppose. I know what disappointment feels like, and sometimes it does feel like anger and bitterness.

And then I will look at my folks, and my brother, and some of the many friends we have met in this business, and I will smile. Because their hard work and dedication is so inspiring. And I only need to look at their passion and the smiles on their faces to know that it is worth it.

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