Throwback Post: We Should Talk About My Hair

I had to have a little giggle after coming across this old post from 2014. I thought I’d give it a reshare because even now so many years later I still love this product so much! And maybe, if you’re still looking for the right product for YOUR hair, you might like to give this one a try.DSCN0900_Fotor_Collage

So I admit that this is a strange topic coming from me. I’m terrible at being a girl. I tried to be a girl the other day. My fingernail started tearing and I decided to glue it with superglue so that the tear didn’t make my finger bleed. I fiddled with that nail so much that it eventually tore off completely, and then I proceeded to bite off all my other fingernails. I wear next to no make up, forget about my fuzzy caterpillar eyebrows for months at a time, have never had a bikini wax (the thought is terrifying), and I only ever shave my legs if I am planning to wear a skirt. I am terrible at being a girl. Well… a “girly” girl at least. Anyway….the point is that it’s a bit weird for me to talk about my hair… But I’m going to do it anyway. Now I admit that I kind of like my hair. There’s a lot of it, and it’s always managed to seem relatively healthy. Unlike my thighs, it tends to co-operate with me (for the most part) so we have an ok relationship. Unfortunately, when it comes to shampoo and conditioner I have always struggled. Many brands tend to make my head itch really badly. Even those brands which don’t make my head itch kind of “stop working” after a month or so and in the past I have found that changing shampoos from time to time seems to work best for me. It’s a balancing game though. I need to use brands that don’t make my head itch, but I need to switch them around constantly. Blegh. It gets tedious. 20140422_162815A little over a year ago I was washing my hair every one and a half days. So, if I washed my hair this morning, I would have to wash it again tomorrow night. I also noticed that my scalp was starting to flake again, which kind of sucked. For one: it’s gross. For two: I try very hard to use personal care products that are not tested on animals. That becomes complicated when you have to start dealing with medicinal products. Anyway, I decided to give the new Herbalife shampoo and conditioner a try. I liked the “old” ones, but they also had to be put into “rotation” as my very sensitive skin was possibly allergic to one of the ingredients (I have since learned that the problem may have been “sulphates” but I admit to having no idea what that means). I expected the new one would have be the same. In fact, I almost doubted that it would work for me at all because it is a very “rich” shampoo and conditioner. I was sure my oily scalp would not be happy about it.

Now I want to fast forward to the present….

1.) I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for well over a year now. This alone NEVER happens. I have never been able to use one brand of anything for months and months at a time without having to change.

2.) It doesn’t make my head itch. Hallelujah!

3.)I have not had my hair trimmed since just after I started using it (around November 2012 if I’m not mistaken) and while I admit that I do definitely need to make a hair appointment sometime, it is not remotely as bad as it should be.

4.) My hair is insanely long. 6 months ago I was going gaga over Morgana from Merlin’s hair. Now I kind of feel like I could possibly get there – and have my hair be real! I imagine that because the breakage has been less, the extended length has become more possible. Probably this has something to do with the minimal breakage that seems to be occurring.

5.) I hardly ever wash my hair anymore. Now I realise that sounds dumb, but believe me, when you have this much hair, the less you have to wash it, the better. Going from washing it twice every three days to less than twice a week has been a blessing.

I’m so crazy impressed with this stuff that to be honest it’s become my “brag” product. I absolutely love it! And the best part? Even though it costs roughly the same as any high brand product that you can buy from a salon, the stuff lasts forever! It’s highly concentrated so you can be very stingy when you use it, and since prolonged use seems to have lead to me having to wash my hair far less it takes forever for me to get through the bottles. And the very best part? The other day I finished both the shampoo and the conditioner at the same time. Now that never happens!*

*Disclaimer: this will probably not happen to you. I have never heard of anyone else finishing their shampoo and conditioner at the same time. Ever. Also, individual results may vary, of course.

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