Are you up for a 5 Day Healthy Eating Challenge?

Definitely one of my favourite things happening at the Lifestyle Wellness Hub at St. George’s Park is the 5 Day Healthy Eating Challenges that are run by various members of the team. Every Monday a new challenge starts, and these challenges are a truly fun and easy way to help get folks started on their goals to live healthier lifestyles.

The best part about these challenges is that as much as they challenge you, they also kind of fit easily into your lifestyle. Run entirely on Whatsapp, they’re a low maintenance way to help you get where you want to be. And it works!

There’s something quite remarkable about how accountability lends itself towards better results. And while just one challenge can set you up to create better habits, why stop there? I have certainly found that continuing to take part in challenges is extremely beneficial and keeps me on track.

For more information, Whatsapp Anthony on 083 651 3980 or leave your details below. *

*Please note that the 5 Day Health Challenge is a system designed exclusively for use by Herbalifers who fall under the Lifestyle Wellness Group

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