New: Cappuccino Shake Flavour

So we have GREAT NEWS for all the coffee lovers around here: It turns out that the absolutely delightful cappuccino flavoured Formula 1 Shake is FINALLY available in South Africa.

My family has been a tiny bit addicted to this particular flavour for a while now. As you may know, not all products are available in all Herbalife countries, and this coffee-scented delight has been the one at the top of our I-Hope-This-Comes-To-SA-Next list for quite some time. The excitement is high!

We’ve been grabbing a tin or two every time we find ourselves in a Cappuccino Shake country for years now. When Anthony and Matt were doing work in Ghana I think they might have been disowned had they not brought these babies home with them each time they came back for visit!

So, don’t delay. Get in touch with your favourite Herbalifer today and insist that you get your hands on a New Cappuccino Formula 1 Shake.

It will just give you another excuse to start your day right!

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