The Herbalife Inclusivity

Some of you may have noticed that Anthony – my dad – isn’t around this week. He’s actually in North Carolina right now, at the Herbalife Honours event. I do envy him right now.

Whenever I think of these massive events that the company puts on, I must admit that I do actually get quite a tingle of pride. It’s hard not to if you’ve ever been to one.

This is because one thing becomes very apparent when you attend these massive events:

Herbalife is for everyone.

And how can I not love that? It is my absolute favourite thing about what we do. Sure, when you’re working on a small scale, this inclusivity may not be so obvious. Sometimes, it might even look a little exclusive, depending on where you look. But on a large scale it is something that cannot be hidden.

When you go to a big Herbalife event, be it an extravaganza, or an awards ceremony, or a retreat, or a Herbalife holiday, you immediately realise that you are surrounded by so much diversity. It is quite intriguing.

In what other space do you find yourself surrounded by such a massive collection of backgrounds, cultures, races, ages, sizes, shapes. The representation is endless.

And I love that reminder.

I love being reminded that you don’t have to be any specific way to succeed in this business. You don’t have to come from a specific background, you don’t have to be a specific race, you don’t have to have a specific style, or body type, or carry yourself in any specific way.  You can be a down-to-earth casual type, you can be a sport and fitness fanatic, you can be a serious businessman, you can be a plain homemaker. All you need is a willingness to learn and a bit of tenacity.

Whoever you are. Whatever you are. There is space for you.

Above all else I cannot help but love this little nugget of truth the most.

If you’d like more information on what we do and how we do it, feel free to contact us to set up an appointment.

The Buzzing HALE

Well Saturday morning kicked off with the third HALE for the year and I must admit it was our most successful yet. It’s funny how uplifting that kind of buzzing excitement can be. These HALEs (healthy active lifestyle events) are such a great opportunity for our ambassadors, members, and challenge leaders, and we’re all feeling quite excited about how well they are being received.

This weekend we kicked off our own extra special challenge between the various members. Everyone has a month (between Saturday’s HALE and the next one) to get serious about their Healthy Active Lifestyle and do some serious improvements to those Tanita numbers. That’s right, even the challenge leaders have jumped up on the scale and we’re all in friendly competition with one another to take our healthy lifestyles to the next level. I’m quite keen to see what comes out of that.

Here’s wishing you all an incredible week of health and wellness!